The charity has been around since 1989. At the moment there are more than 1200 families who are supported by this charity With the addition of educated and committed women as counselors, the charity took a step further in support of the families and being supported by the community
Today the charity operates in 18 offices in Tehran and one office in Zahedan near the border with Pakistan
Our families, who have lost the head of the household, are usually referred to us through schools or family members. Once referred, a careful investigation by a special team is initiated to ensure that the family is in need of assistance. Our charity acknowledges the important role of mothers in their children’s lives. We believe that single mothers provide a strong support for their families. We rely on mothers for the important role of moral and spiritual upbringing of their children. Our organization tries to help every member of a family to find the best way to become self-sufficient. We provide educational support system for those who wish to continue their education. We also provide various training programs for mothers and older kids who want to learn a trade or a skill and find a job. We provide long term small business loans to those that have learned a trade and want to start their own business. Once all the kids have finished their schooling and the family has reached the point of self-sufficiency, they are eliminated from our organization

جدیدترین رویدادها در صفحه رسمی اینستاگرام موسسه خیریه حضرت فاطمه زهرا (س)